Jackalope helps you to demonstrate the real-world benefits of your products or services with powerful stories.

Here’s how:

Case story packages

Case stories show how you are making a difference in the “real world”. They are an outside-in approach to showing the impact you make on people, businesses and society.

For a case story, I travel out to your customers, partners or people who benefit from your products or services. I film and interview them telling and showing the story of this impact.

You can say how great you are, but when they say and show how great you are, it adds credibility.

Jackalope’s cases are real stories – not just reports. I interview and film the real people and businesses who enjoy the benefits of what you have brought to them.

When I shoot a case, I use your own organization’s insights into a project or customer to plan the shoot and the interviews. I share a basic story-planning template (contact me for a free copy) that helps you to gather the most relevant information.

Onsite, I let the sources – i.e. your customers, partners end users – tell the story in their own words, in their own language and from their own experience. I make a storyboard to help guide the direction, but I do not make a script. The key is authenticity. We keep it real.

I tailor multimedia case packages to your needs: website, social media (SoMe), brochures, campaigns and events. I deliver them “version-ready,” for translating into other languages.

A case story can include any or all of the following elements:

  • Consulting and planning
  • Video stories – shot and edited by Jack Jackson, including interviews
  • Articles, written by Jack Jackson, based on the interviews
  • Photos – by Jack Jackson when not working side-by-side with a talented stills photographer
  • Video cutdowns for SoMe – from 0:06-0:30. Get people to click through and see the full story on your SoMe platforms!
  • Case presentation. The case as a business story presented in slide format. Used for customer meetings or events.
  • Internal case story – To show “the story behind the story” for internal inspiration and training

Here’s a typical example of video, article and SoMe cutdowns for one project.

See my portfolio for more or get in touch!

Video storytelling

  • Shooting video and recording audio
  • Editing / post-production
  • Versioning stories for different purposes, such as SoMe cutdowns
  • Interviews. I use local translators whenever necessary. These are typically the project’s local partners or sales staff.
  • Drone photography – whenever possible on assignments all over the world. Drone License (1a) / Dronebevis by Danish Transport, Construction and Housing Agency
  • Instructional videos – by the target audience for the target audience. See this example, where my client’s customer shows its best practices while giving positive testimonials in working with the product.


  • Articles: Case stories, feature profiles, white papers and more.
  • Interviews
  • Copy for PR and advertising
  • Editing and proofreading
  • Presentations
  • SoMe and newsletter teasers


I like to recommend one of the talented, high-quality stills photographers in my network. I can also take the still images on an assignment, depending on your budget. I take portrait, product-and reportage-images along with the video. I aim for strong images that help tell the human story.


I lecture about video storytelling to university students in journalism and business courses. Teaching helps me to become a better storyteller. When I show my own work in lectures, I see the work through their eyes – and it gives me a chance to reflect on it and improve.

Plus, teaching is fun. I enjoy the challenge of educating a new generation of storytellers.